Binodi Greenhill

Biondi is a high fashion beachwear brand based in Chelsea. I developed the existing brand and web presence into a cohesive brand that would cover their Boutique, Collection and Showroom sub-brands (ecommerce website, bespoke beachwear and wholesale distributor respectively).

Moving forward from their existing "Biondi Couture" brand I developed three complimentary yet unique sub-brands to help solidify each one in their respective markets. Each brand communicates luxury and high fashion while adapting to the nuances their respective audiences.

Desktop, tablet and mobile website

Biondi Boutique captures the essence of the physical store and creates an open & welcoming digital experience

Biondi Collection puts the products front & center to showcase the luxuary.

Biondi Showroom gives an exclusive and regal edge to the brands it represents.

The web presence of each brand was also refreshed, by applying the new brand to their large ecommerce store and creating two new, fully response websites.

Desktop collection website