Polyphonic App concept

Music is inextricably linked to our emotions and memories. It forms part of our individual human experience. I wanted to explore how the music we love evolves through time and how a personal history of our favourite music can us help look back on our memories in a new context.


I think, with the data we collect with apps like Spotify and Songkick, we can create meaningful narratives of our individual journeys through music, connect our listening habits with landmarks in our lives, find new ways to explore music and share music in more meaningful ways.

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Music is a part of our unique journey and forms part of our identity as an individual. Hearing a song from your childhood can make you feel like you're in school again, or an album that you found comfort in during a difficult time in your life can give you strength further down the road. Polyphonic shows you what you listened to on a timeline so that you can look back on your life in music, and use it like a musical diary.

We all have "landmark" songs, albums, artists an genres that make us feel nostalgic, for me, post punk reminds me of school and Jack Johnson makes takes me back to summer - even in the depths of the Scottish winter.

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Music is also a shared experience and we influence the music those around us listen to. We share landmark artists with our friends, even if they carry different meanings for each of us. Have you ever wondered which of your friends like your favourite artists too?

Polyphonic means “two or more parts each having a melody of its own”. I think each of us creates a melody by exploring music throughout our lives, and the Polyphonic app is a place for these journeys to be recorded and shared.

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